90th Anniversary Celebration

In the 1920s…

…Mr. Enrique and Mrs. Susana Strachan arrived in Costa Rica; with a pioneering work focused on national evangelization and integrated social care of children and their families.

With the support of other missionary groups, the Strachan family led the creation of health centers, care shelters and Christian education centers and first and second cycle; thus directly impacting a large number of families in our country and forming an indispensable part of the history and development of Costa Rican society.

Within the heart of the Strachan family, their love for children at risk always beat strongly. For this reason, they focused their efforts on creating a place where children in vulnerable situations could live temporarily in a foster family while professionals helped them overcome their diverse situations. This place is the Hogar Bíblico, our first children’s center founded in 1932.

In celebration of this important date we have carried out a series of activities

Commemorative activity at the Hogar Biblico.

Roblealto 2022 Association Annual Worship



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