Sponsor a Child

What does sponsorship mean to a child at Roblealto?
It means that someone loves that child and thinks he or she is special. Someone has chosen to invest in the life of a child and pray for and encourage him or her. This is especially significant, since many children come to us at Roblealto with very low self-esteem and many of them do not receive that kind of love, encouragement and warmth from their families at home. When a child finds out his or her sponsor wrote, his/her eyes light up and a huge smile spreads across his/her whole face! Sponsorship is a means of directly transforming a child's life with Christ's love.

You have the opportunity to impact a life forever through Roblealto’s Sponsorship Program! This Program is the backbone of Roblealto and the way we assure our kids the integrated attention they need, given by professionals. More than just feeding and giving shelter to the children and their families, Roblealto works actively in sharing the Christian vision of life. At the same time, we offer them tools to cut the cycles of dysfunction and poverty and to have a better quality of life. 

Sponsors donate $40/child.

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