News of freedom

By Carmen Méndez, general supervisor of Christian education, Roblealto Association

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” 

 Luke 4:18

Nowadays, the media is saturated with bad news, heartbreaking world events, armed conflicts, suffering, perversion, selfishness, corruption, among others. Unfortunately, children do not escape this unfavorable environment. Many tender hearts have been broken by pain, abuse, rejection and violence, becoming prisoners of hopelessness and lies.

However, in the midst of darkness, as mentioned in the Word of God in Luke 4:18-19, the figure of God approaches us and to the little ones through Jesus Christ, carrying good and formidable news of freedom and comfort for those who suffer physically, mentally or spiritually: the poor, the prisoners, the blind and the oppressed.

Although this good news may seem abstract or distant; they are close and accessible for everyone. Children, who represent a fundamental role in the divine plan, are able to recognize their need for God, their own spiritual “lack”. They possess the capacity to respond to the love of Jesus Christ, and participate in a process of healing and integral wellness

As we experience God’s closeness, His light penetrates the spirit, bringing freedom and healing to the soul, promoting mental health and an integral restoration of life. Its transforming light leaves in the mind the pleasant sensation of love, forgiveness, acceptance, well-being and purpose in life.

This is how changes in life become evident: courage begins to shine, gratitude and the desire to seize opportunities awaken, decisions to love and forgive are made with determination. The realization that everything has a purpose, and the healing of memories, give way to beautiful smiles.

Our beloved institution, Roblealto is witness to the God’s actions in the life of many children and their families. Below, The following are excerpts from their expressions of gratitude, expressed with simplicity.

  • “The greatest blessing I received was to meet God. You never go back to the same thing, you can get cold, but God always gives you the strength to believe again”. Carlos Valera.
  • “I used to sleep at my house, but my home was the children’s center” (graduate)
  • Yalili Garro, mother of four children, believes that the successes and achievements of their children are a reflection of God’s blessing and of the valuable teaching and integral and spiritual formation they received (two lawyers, a teacher, a health professional).
  • “There was a mother with two small children whom she could not take care of, because if she did not work she would not have anything to feed them; but she knocked on a door and it opened. Today those little ones are graduates of the day care center and they have no way to pay for the helping hand, full of love that was given to us here, because personally I will never have enough to pay for what cannot be bought or sold, and that is my personal salvation. Thanks to you, Roblealto Association, today I am a young man who trusts in my God … In 2015, I graduated as a lawyer.”. Gerardo Ortiz Ruíz
  • “This place has given me a life ahead of me and if I wasn’t here I would be another child, disobedient, spoiled, bad behaved and quarrelsome, but thanks to the Lord they are helping me, and now I am very happy and content to be here.”.  Marilyn Paola.
  • “I thank God that my mom was able to find such a special place to take care of me, they taught me about God’s love and for that I thank them with all my heart.” Zarina.

This is the hope that we work with, we visualize the Good hand of God, acting in the midst of all, bringing freedom and healing.

To Him who makes all things new, Who gives new life and sets the captives free, to Him be glory for ever and ever.