We serve children and families at high social risk and in social vulnerability, who meet the following criteria:

  • Poverty/ Extreme poverty.
  • Homes that are in danger of disintegration or that have already disintegrated and need a treatment option for their rehabilitation.
  • Homes with serious conflicts that require treatment in order to overcome their problems and a change of environment for the child.
  • Children who are at social risk or in an emergency situation due to:
    • Imprisonment of the person in charge of the child
    • Abuse/ Negligence
    • Children who are severely behind their learning process

What the Children Receive

  • A loving and safe environment in which to grow
  • Healthy food
  • School support and homework help
  • Development of language, gross and fine motor skills
  • Christian teaching
  • Implementation of core virtues through an Interdisciplinary program
  • Counseling
  • Psychological therapy
  • Medical control

What the Families Receive

  • Improvement of the interaction between family members
  • Increased capacity to confront crises and adverse situations
  • Control health problems
  • Development of personal responsibility and values
  • Development of self within the family and other social groups
  • Confrontation of all forms of family violence and child labor
  • Prevention of criminal and addictive behaviors
  • Improvement of economic situation
  • Discipleships

The Roblealto Child Care Association serves 900 children through seven different programs: