Roblealto Farm

Roblealto Farm was started in 1967 with the purpose of a self-management project to help support the Roblealto Association for the well-being of Costa Rican children, created by a missionary couple in 1932.  The project began with a small group of 8 children.

With the passing of time and the success of the project, it was a goal to grow and generate new resources.  The Farm directed all of its efforts to be the best in the poultry market in Costa Rica by producing the best genetics with high quality standards; and, offering personalized service to its customers.

The Roblealto Farm holds certifications of governmental entities that accredit them as exporters in the region, currently in Nicaragua and Honduras.

We are a non-profit association.  Our purpose is to provide funding for programs to assist children who are in situations of social vulnerability.  Currently, over 900 children and their families are benefiting from the programs provided with a 95% success of completing the program.

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